Find Your Stuff

Whether it’s your keys, wallet, laptop, or bike, losing essential items can be stressful and frustrating. Highly adhesive Bluetooth StickNFind Tracking Stickers allow you to find the stuff most important to you quickly and easily using the StickNFind mobile app.

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Keep Your Family Safe

Keep a dedicated set of eyes on your children at all times. StickNFind Tracking Stickers can easily be attached to commonly used clothing, allowing you to use the StickNFind mobile app to see the exact location of your child by radar or GPS tracker.

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Find Your Lost Pet

Easily attach a Bluetooth StickNFind Tracking Sticker on your pet’s collar and set a virtual boundary using the StickNFind mobile app to ensure your pet never strays too far off. No more “Lost” posters on telephone poles, find your pet fast with the StickNFind GPS tracker!

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Find things fast with the easy-to-use StickNFind mobile app

The tracking software to locate your items works on most iOS and Android mobile devices.

Keep Track of Your Stuff from Anywhere!

How many times have you felt for the important stuff you carry in your front pocket only to find it missing? Whether it’s your keys, wallet, phone, or other item essential to your daily life, misplacing important stuff can be frustrating. But with the StickNFind Tracking Sticker, you can find misplaced items fast. These tracking devices are small, lightweight stickers that have a strong adhesive allowing them to stick to almost any item - and use Bluetooth technology to sound an alarm on command, indicate location via radar, and can even be used as a GPS tracker to locate items outside your immediate vicinity.

Easily find lost items with StickNFind: a small device that sticks to almost any item and uses Bluetooth technology to sound an alarm on command, or locate the item via radar or GPS. Stick it to keys, wallets, bikes, and more!

  • Package includes two StickNFind Stickers (about the size of a quarter) and 2 Keychain Mounts
  • Includes batteries (which can be replaced) that last up to one year
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology